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Last Updated: Jun 21, 2016 11:40AM EDT
When searching through the OMX Marketplace you'll occasionally see a profile with a green Verified badge next to it.

The verified badge, much like endorsements on LinkedIn, is a sign that another organization has endorsed or vouched for that organization.

The rules of verifying organizations are as follows:
  • Any organization in OMX can be verified by another company that is also verified.
  • The idea behind a company being verified is that someone proactively “vouches” for that company – in other words, that you know the organization, and as far as you know, their OMX profile is an accurate reflection of what they offer
  • It will remain anonymous whom verified whom, just that certain companies are indeed verified by other verified companies in OMX.
  • All of our major prime contractors and Tier 1s with significant presence in OMX, will be verified by the OMX team.
  • An organization can only be verified once.
  • An organization does not need to be claimed in order to be verified.

If your organization has been verified in OMX whenever you navigate to another profile in OMX you'll be able to verify that organization (unless they have already been verified.)

Click the green 'Verify this Organization' button when you want to vouch for another company on OMX.

You will also notice the verified badge when sending messages or documents from your OMX Dashboard.
The verified badge will appear as a small shield.


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