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Understanding Causality

Last Updated: Aug 29, 2016 11:44AM EDT
Extensive documentation accompanies each ITB transaction in a prime contractor’s bid and annual reporting to the Government of Canada. These include a Causality Certificate, Eligible Party Certificate, and Incrementality Certificate.
In order for a transaction to be approved for fulfilling an ITB obligation, a prime contractor has to show that they started doing business with a supplier for the purpose of fulfilling their obligation. They have to show that without the ITB obligation, the transaction likely would not have occurred.
The Prime contractor and its listed eligible parties must prove causality through a Causality statement for each transaction that demonstrates the timeline of the relationship with a supplier and clearly illustrates that the transaction was pursued due to the ITB obligation. The contractor will have to prove this causal relationship with meeting documents, correspondence, presentations and marketing materials, subcontract documents, and any other documents that could be used to show that the relationship began as a result of the policy. Both the eligible party and suppliers can contribute to building the evidence required to establish causality.
Within OMX, there are many features for establishing causality:
  • Messaging – Initial messages can be complied and stored for use as evidence during a causality audit.
  • Email Forwarding – External emails pertaining to a project or transaction can be forwarded and stored within the OMX platform.
  • Document Repository – Documents pertaining to causality, such as meeting documents and presentations, can be uploaded and stored in OMX. They can also be tagged to a specific project or transaction.  
  • Note-taking and Tagging - Take notes on where you met a supplier or their capability and tag them under a specific project or event. 
  • Opportunity Feed – Post opportunities and RFPs related to a project for suppliers to openly and transparently bid on.
For further information on how to use these features, please visit our pages:

Messaging in OMX, Supporting Email in OMX, Sharing Documents in OMX, Using Bookmarks for Notes, Tagging, Maps and Visualizations, Posting Opportunities, RFPs, RFQs and RFIs 

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